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In the morning I go to the bus station where a minibus is going to take me to the Vardzia caves. Yesterday Arthur, the guy in the tourist information office, said that there were two Israelis coming on the trip, I like the idea, I have never been with people from Israel so I’m corious. The banner has Georgian and Russian.

Georgia, Borjomi, Vardzia

A square on the way.

Georgia, market, borjomi, mercado

As I arrive early so I go into the market to buy something.

Georiga, Borjomi, market, mercado, melon

I buy two water melons that look good… ok, I buy two apples that are smaller.

Georgia, Vardzia, trip, viaje

We make a stop on the way, which is good because after so much F1 I was getting a bit sick.

Georgia, Vardzia, castillo, clastle, tower, torre

It’s the Tmogvi castle.

Georgia, Vardzia, vista, view, castillo, caslte

It was built in the 10th century and has fantastic views.

Georgia, Vardzia, view, vista, caves, cuevas

We arrived to the Vardzia caves, the most famous caves in Georgia. It has a mystic importance to the Georgians because of its union with queen Tamar that founded it in 1185 as protection for the Mongols.

Georgia, Vardzia, inside, dentro

From the inside.

Georgia, Vardzia, view, panoramic, panoriamica, vista

There are like 600 caves but there were up to 3000. There are places where it’s carved 50 meters into the rock and it is 15 storeys. An earthquake destroyed a big part in 1283.

Georgia, Vardzia, cueva, cave

You can get into every nook.

Georgia, Vardzia, start

A lift between caves and stairs.

Georgia, Vardzia, church, iglesia

The church is one of the highlights

Georgia, Vardzia, church, iglesia, bells, campanas

I like the bells.

Georgia, Vardzia, iglesia, campanas, bells, church

With the paintings on the ceiling.

I’ve liked Vardzia a lot also I have enjoyed a lot with the Canadian girls. Now they have changed my plan! I wanted to make a quick trip by the south of Georgia, but they’ve talked so well about the mountain area of Svaneti in the north that I’ve decided to change my plans once more and go there…. At the end… that’s why I’m in Georgia, to see mountains.

Soon from the Vardzia mountains

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  1. Te felicito. Una maravilla. Muy pocas palabras pero excelentemente bien expresado. Una idea completa de lo que has visto. Saludos.