I wouldn’t believe that after the last video no one is curious to see the inside of a watchtower and the view from top so I’ve done a video to show it to you.

Svaneti is incredible, in each village there’s a forest of towers, there are tens of them. I can’t Imagine how rich this region was when they were built in the 9th to 13th century.

On the way back as you see we had to stop to change a wheel. They changed a flat wheel for another nearly flat one. Here things are just enough for their purpose… or nearly.

I meet again the Israelis I met in Borjomi, they were in bad mood for waking up so early to catch the bus and had no food or drink for the 10 to 12 hours of the journey so they ended up shouting at the driver to stop because they were hungry. The driver was an ass but when you are not in your country you have to adapt. Meanwhile I was enjoying the landscape through the dirty window, the gorge where the road goes is impressive and the river inside is scary. Now I want to go to Israel to find out if all of them are like this couple.

Here are the mountains where the Greek Argonauts came to search for the golden fleece, I was telling you about them in Turkey. Seems I’ve been following the legend. Sometimes I think on getting a book like that and go to where it relates, it would be a literary book full of surprise, it could be beautiful, maybe I do it one day.

In the next post I´ll tell you about Tiblisi, a very interesting city.

See you soon.

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  1. gerbet chotmazer mishgu SHÜANÄR I LESHÜANIERA


  3. Fernando, estoy leyendo un libro de Ryszard Kapuscinski, periodista polaco que hizo en losun viaje por lo que era entonces la Union Sovietica. El libro se llama Imperio.Voy a internet buscando imagenes del lugar que Ryzard describe Tibilisi, Mtsjeta, etc y entre tantas cosas me encuentro con tu blog de viaje!!!!!!! Otro viaje, otro tiempo otra mirada. Me encanta, te segiré, es muy lindo.
    Gracias. Marina Gryciuk