I´ve uploaded the video to Vimeo but I’m not sure if it can be seen very well, it´s supposed to be in High Definition, but I can see it with bumps, may be due to the connection I’m using, please, let me know well you can see it.

In the video I´m wrong, , Notwist are German, the Norwegians are Röyksoop, I´m also hooked on them.

Apart from what is in the video in Burgos I was all day from one place to another meeting people and doing things for the trip. I tried to avoid placing a picture about the famous (it´s famous in Spain, get in Google if you want more pictures there are many, more than enough) Burgos cathedral, but one day walking by San Pablo bridge I saw this sunset and I had to take the picture.

P2030003 (628x353)

On the right the theather “principal” and the river, with a lot more water than normally, the Arlanzón.

To complete the topics the second most famous ‘thing’ in Burgos is the black pudding. I skip Burgos cheese as it´s tasteless and tastes like tofu and I don´t like either.

Not that long ago I was at dinner with some American friends talking about food that can be disgusting and black pudding  was in all the conversations. The thing is that I kept thinking about it and I’ve seen black pudding in other countries, for example before the trip, I saw it in Ireland, they have two kinds that are used in the traditional Irish breakfast. I searched in Wikipedia and found that black pudding, or similar, exists in at least 24 countries, and the list did not include Ireland. May be that it´s not such a disgusting thing. Wikipedia didn´t list France either, but I’m pretty sure they have it, I’m going to see if it´s in the menu for dinner in a restaurant.

P2140419 (354x628)

Can´t be more typical!

That tapa(in the picture) was the last one I had in spain. That night at 3.16 am, I got onto the train that took me across the first border.  Being 3.16 and being totally sleepy I found it hard to sleep, as a powerful emotion kept me awake for awhile, as the train was leaving Burgos and gaining speed, finally the accumulated lack of sleep removed the smug smile on my face and the ‘Iron Horse’ took me at its pleasure along its rambling rails to my first port of call Burdeos. Leaving was a relief after the last few busy weeks, for you to get an idea, during the 6 weeks of 2010 before leaving I´ve slept in 9 different places, so the uncomfortable train seats became the most relaxing place in the world.

And to finisht the day´s chronicle , here you have my first pictures in Bordeaux inside Sainte Croix, with the super sunny day this is what i saw inside.

P2150440 (628x354)

I haven´t modified the color in the computer, otherwhise there wouldn´t be any interest, this is what I saw.

P2150437 (628x354)

I can imagine how cathedrals could impress people when they were just built and people lived in one floor modest houses.

P2150442 (354x628)


P2150443 (628x342)


P2150446 (628x354)

Column in orange.

P2150469 (628x354)

One of the pictures I like the most.

See you soon.


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  1. Enjoy the trip Fer… the quality of the video is great… but the police will stop you for listening to Norwegian bands.

  2. eh, hang-on… this trip is all about getting to China and you don’t even like the most typical food of the country… are you sure you’re going to the right place?

  3. Fer, la leche las fotos! esto promete!!