Our last day in Albania was quite interesting and, of course, we made a video about it. I don’t want to tell you more until you see it. If you haven’seen the video “About bunkers and psicodelic buildings” I’d recommend you to see it to take all the juice of this one.

If the video downloads slow, click over the HD icon to deactivate HD so it will download faster.

As you see none of us were ever very good drawing, and maybe that’s what the people who see our video will think. Because it’s ours now! That’s what we have decided.

The video could be a good Mastercard advert.

  • Paint: 2.400 lekes.
  • Taxi in search of a bunker:700 lekes
  • Taxi to come back:700 lekes
  • Paint a bunker: Priceless
  • Taxi driver’s face: even less

And it´s not every day you can paint a bunker, so, why not do it?

We also must be some of the very few people to thank Enver Hoxha for having created the bunkers, his hallucinogenic mushrooms, even more so after painting them. Ah, if one day you paint a bunker, be careful with the red, it can easily turn into pink.

Now to Greece!

The next post will be by Ana.

Soon back

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  1. Jajajjaja que colgaos

  2. jajaja esta muy bien y claro que es vuestro ¡si tiene vuestros nombres! 😉

  3. Ja, ja, ja, me encanta. Y la músıca y el montaje están muy bıen pıllados.

  4. Gamberros! Os ponía yo a hacer trabajos sociales!

  5. nice on i love it i am Albanian and i have never been thos parts of Albanian my self never so i am gled that you like it and you heed fun