I didn’t want to dirty the video with too much explanation so I tell you a bit more here in text. The sea organ is unique, the first and only in the world. “A salute to the sun” is a 25 meter circunfrence that captures the sun as a solar pannel. Very unique as well, both has been done by Croatian artists. I spent a lot of time enjoying them.

Some pictures of the place, I think it deserves pictures not only video.

P3152535 (628x353)

P3152540 (628x354)

 P3152541 (628x352)

Moments I´m sure I´ll remember at the end of my trip.

To destroy the beauty of the pictures in the post my good friend Morís has done a counter-video of my Acqua Alta video I did in Venice, I’m not saying my opinion I add it here and you decide by yourself. I have to thank him for adding the subtitles on my request so it can be understood by all the readers.

I always tell you about the soundtrack, in this case I don´t know the music, I don’t recognize the band, I have no clue where my friend has gotten the music from, Probably Morís has taken a random cassete from a dusty cassete bag bag and he’s Ripper it into MP3 for the video but that doesn’t makes sense… If he tells me who’s the music from I’ll write it here as documentation…

See you soon from an island.

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  1. Un mesaje pequeño para decir que miramos de vez en cuando a tu blog, y que es una buena ocasion para aprender cosa nuevas sobre los paises de europa…
    Me encanto “a salute to the sun”, por eso comento este articulo :)

    Me gusta este tipo de quizz musical :
    El titulo de la video de esqui es “Big and Chunky” de Will.I.Am, que es mas conocido como cantante de los Black Eyed peas :)
    (ok, tuve ayuda de Shazam ;))