Alfonso, a friend from Burgos, worked in the army during the reconstrucion work in Bosnia. It sounded like going to hell at that time. He said that Bosnia was really pretty, he was there twice, one of them was constructing a bridge. What makes Bosnia stunning is the environment, the landscapes with mountains.

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In Bosnia it´s said that if a person is born on a snowy day that person will have a long and healthy life.

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Here the walk started. Although they have a lot of great places including Linx and Bears, just 0,6% of the country is protected, the average in europe is 7%.

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The majority of things that I wanted to see on the mountains were not accesible due to the snow, so one day we went snowshoeing.

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Bit of a hike.

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Down in the canyon there was a river.

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A Sheppard settlement for summer.

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We went for the hike with Green Visions company, they have some very interesting excursions and they try to combine them with supporting the communities they work in. They are a very professional company but our guide was a little cocky and he told us we did not have appropriate footwear. Even though we were wearing GORE-TEX! However it´s alway funny to have somebody to make jokes of.

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An interesting mosque, I initially thought it was a silo.

Bosnia and Herzegovina still have a lot of land mines, there are places even near Sarajevo that still have many. Setting them up is very easy but the effort to remove them is very difficult and expensive. If in doubt you can always ask a local to know if it safe.

A country with landmines does not mean that you cannot step off the asphalt. The mine areas are known and there are maps available. However it´s a problem for toursim development. Luckily, until now no tourist has had an accident with a land mine.

In Sarajevo you can go to the Mine Action Center(MAC) for a mini training course about land mines, however, when in doubt, the best thing is to ask the locals.

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No need to commetn.

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Once back in Sarajevo we went for dinner with Tom, an interesting man who works as a consultant developing tourism strategies in different countries. We asked for the local dish in the restaurant which was next to the restaurant that Bill Clinton dined in. The dish was beef with some creamy cheese inside and if you cut it wrong it sprayed all over as in the picture. I also have a video of it that will probably put in the next video.

Something totally unrelated to the post… While travelling from Croatia to Bosnia I started to think of a Christmas tale.
As we approach Christmas I’ll develop the story and post it here.

Soon writting about Mostar


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  1. Hola Fer que paisajes mas chulos a mi tu viaje me esta sirviendo para apuntarme sitios a visitar con Karina cuando venga a verme :)

    PD: la traducion creo que es mas algo como “En dios confiamos el resto pagan en metalico”


  2. No te he posteao aún, y aunque reconozco que sigo admirando tu valor y que a mi me costaría, me das una envidia increible, se nota que te lo estas pasando genial, y que estas disfrutando un webo…

    Menudos paisajes, vistas y demás… aunque ahora mismo tanta nieve me da pereza 😛

    Y por cierto, que pintaca el filete con queso : ) ~~~~~~~~~

  3. En Junio voy a Sarajevo cinco días. Me gustaria hacer una excursión de uno o dos días a Dubroniv. Quiera saber cuantos kilometros hay, cuanto se tarda, cual es el medio de transporte ideal, y toda clase de informacíon relacionada con el viaje. Muchas gracias