Here is the first Montenegro video, yes, the first one as I have decided to only post videos of this country. It´s a general video of the places I´ve liked the most. As I don´t have comments for all the places, here is the list of what´s in the video in the order it appears.

  • Podgorica, the capital that does not really have things to see and I´ve ended up showing the Pink Panter.
  • The Skadar lake.
  • An Ortodox church, with no benches as they attend mass standing up.
  • Sveti Stefa, the little village by the sea.
  • Kotor city its fortress and its bay.
  • Snow covered Lovcen mountain,  I´ve spelt it incorrectly in the video but don´t tell anybody.
  • Moracha and Tara canyons, they really deserve more so I´ve done a specific video for them.
  • Durmitor National Park with its mountains and farmers.
  • Ostrog monastery carved in the rock similar to Predjama castle in Slovenia.
  • And finally  Piva canyon with its tunnels recorded from the car.

As I have had friends visiting I´ve been able to do some kayaking including the Tara canyon, the deepest in Europe, looking forward to seeing it.

See you in the next video.


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  1. Jajajajaa me parto con Fernandito, Silvia y Aitor!
    Sois unas máquinas de silvar ¡con razón te llaman SILViA!

    Ala, a seguir pasándolo bien!

  2. Fer que sitios. Muy chulo el video ja ja ja

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  4. Fernando, cuanta belleza estas conociendo. muy gracioso ver a la pantera rosa en el cartelito dle taxi!!