The trip


As the english version is not ready yet, i´m adding here the map fo the itinerary i´ll be following:

Itinerary map2

It self explains the magnitude of the trip and the amoung of amazing places I´ll visit in the following months.

The gradual change from West to East, the culture, people and religions is one of the things that motivates my trip.

I´m going to so many places with names that bring fantasies to our minds places like Rome, Venice, Lujbljana, Sarajevo, Tirana, Athens, Estambul or the old Constantinopla, Efeso, Ankara, Nemrut mount, Erzurum, Damasco, Petra, Bukara, Teherán, Persepolis, Merv, Khiva, the Ferghana valley, Samarkanda, Kashgar, the Aral sea or what´s left, the deserts of Taklamakan and Gobi, or  the pamir and Karakorum mountaisn… arriving to China still many impresive things are left, Lanzhou, the great wall and Xiam with its quiet warriors waiting for me.

Can´t wait to be there, to read those distant names and say “i´m here”.

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  1. Bueno bueno…… que envidia me das y no es precisamente envidia sana ya que ésta, no existe.
    Me viajar atraves de tu web…..
    Oye…. bajando la duna pareces el ultimo superviviente…jeje.
    Sigue disfrutando…
    Ahh soy Diego (de Torres)

    Un fuerte abrazo