A video my last night in Venice, hope you like it.

I initially didn’t have the intention of doing long and complex videos because my mini computer is too slow to edit them properly so I’ll go back to do simpler things next time, in the video you can see around 160 clips plus another 75 that I haven’t finally used. Way too much, it’s taken me three more days to edit it than what I expected but I think it’s worth it.

Just a clarification, the Acqua Alta is not related to Venice sinking. They are two unrelated topics. Venice sinks about 0.5 cm a year and it’s been estimated that it has sunk 23 cm during the last century and there are records of Acqua Alta for centuries, the only difference is that the water get’s higher now that the land is lower.
This December there was one of the highest water ever of over 160 centimeters.

Appart from O sole mio, the music is from Smoked City and Adriano Celentano.

Next pics and writting from Slovenia, a country you can like or love.


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  1. muy chulo el video y muy currado estas haciendo una web muy buena por cierto sabes lo que dice la letra cuando cantan en portugues? jejeje

  2. your English has improved ALOT since you went on the trip !!!!!!!! :)

  3. Me ha encantado. Me he reido un montón, sobretodo con los pavos “jugando” al voley jejeje

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  5. Fer, me ha encantado el video, vaya pasada, sigo pensando que te lo curras un monton, disfruto como una enana viendo todas tus aventuras.
    cuidate y un abrazo fuerte

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